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As a teenager, Delia falls in love with the youngest Ryan son, Patrick.

However, their romane ends when Pat chooses his medical career over her.

Kristen remained with the series until its final episode on January 13, 1989.

In early October 2013, several reports surfaced and claimed that Kristen would reprise the role of Delia on the remaining ABC Daytime soap, General Hospital. Kristen appeared on those episodes, revealing that her character, Delia, was the mother of Ava Jerome, the illegitimate daughter of Victor Jerome.

Kristen also referred to the character as "starved for attention." According to Claire Labine, Delia is not the "traditional bad girl." Instead, Delia is someone who possesses "desperate insecurities." In July 1975, Frank (Michael Hawkins) confronts Delia on the stairs at Riverside Hospital and asks her for a divorce and she angrily pushes him down the stairs.

Though he nearly dies, Frank still covers for Delia and they try to repair their marriage.

In late February 1982, it was reported that Edwards had been fired and Kristen returned to the role in early March.

After a failing to impress as One Life to Live's Georgina Whitman, Kristen was left unemployed allowing for her to return to Ryan's Hope.

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Delia then gets herself pregnant believing it will keep Frank from straying.

Kristen originated the role in the series premiere on July 7, 1975.

Delia is the catalyst for most of the show's story lines and remains a central component of the series throughout its run.

However, Mattson was only contracted to the role for six months.

ABC hoped to talk Mattson into a long term commitment, but after failed contract negotiations, Mattson vacated the role in December 1984, just in time for pilot season.

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