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Between the two, Sneider is far less damaged than Woodward and if there is a powerful point to this film that's it.Otherwise, it's an Indie film of beauty and humanity about relationships and the human search for happiness, an almost mythical look at modern human interactions.This film has beauty, intelligence, wit and honesty and doesn't fit into a catagory of styles.

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"Girlfriend" has wracked up a list of Festival Awards and a reputation of excellence among Indie film buffs.I found this movie totally engrossing since the story was so well crafted and the story line hard to predict. I tend to like more lighthearted stories and I felt a bit worn out after I watched it, so I might actually rate it 4.5 stars. I'll be thinking about the issues raised in the movie for a good while and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys complex stories and is willing to have their minds take an interesting spin on many issues.I noticed this movie advertised on Amazon and it sounded intriguing, so we rented it. It explores complex relationships and the intrigue, dark side, and beauty of humanity."Girlfriend" is a touching and honest depiction of the challenges we face.Full Story Kellan Lutz arrived in Vancouver last night to get to work on Twilight. I am a fickle bitch, as you know, especially when it comes to quiver.Lutz seemed to be in great spirits to be back in Vancouver, even giving one of the photographers a hug after asking for her whereabouts. Especially since last year he and his people were rather accusatory about an incident in Montreal – he claims he was run over by this same pap and feared for his safety, going so far as to file a police report Full Story A very well dressed, good-spirited Kristen Stewart attended Scream 2010 the other night to collect some awards for Twilight. Stewart was joined on stage by co-stars Jackson Rathbone and Nikki Reed, also her ex best friend. Just the smallest, smallest aberration, it’s enough to kill it forever.

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