Or intimidating behavior

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Many parents and professionals have difficulty recognizing the differences between ODD and conduct disordered behavior.Kids with ODD often lose their tempers, argue, resist rules and discipline, refuse to comply with directions and in general have a low frustration tolerance.Workplace intimidation isn’t always obvious to the other workers, but over time, it can really hurt you if you are the one being targeted.Without exception, no one deserves to be intimidated and bullied at work.But, if you are working in a place where you are being intimidated, verbally abused, threatened and bullied, it will have a really adverse effect on your work performance and end up killing your confidence.They will use their intimidating tactics to gain power with the ultimate goal of making themselves feel more important and giving them more power over you and the other people in the workplace.Hostile and intimidating behavior, sometimes known by the shorthand term “bullying,” is defined in university policy as “unwelcome behavior pervasive or severe enough that a reasonable person would find it hostile and/or intimidating and that does not further the University’s academic or operational interests.” Hostile and intimidating behavior (HIB) can occur in both the private and public sectors, including colleges and universities.

Not just throwing a tantrum to get something he wants, but outright trying to scare you?All workers have a right to be able to come to work at a place that doesn’t include these types of behaviors.Please take some time right now to explore the rest of this website for more information about being intimidated at work that can help you deal with your situation.The workplace bully is often motivated by jealousy over your accomplishments, your confidence and the fact that you are doing things so well. Being intimidated at work might involve excluding or isolating you from certain situations and using psychological abuse.They will give you pointless tasks that are not related to your job or they might give you jobs that are impossible to finish in the given time or with the resources provided.

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