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But what I believe they do hate is non-unique crap that is usually only promoted by getting low-quality links (because, what quality site wants to link to something that has no value add? In fact, they created two updates/filters aimed specifically at these types of sites – Panda and Penguin – and a turnkey affiliate site is exactly the type of site both of them are aiming for.Most of these turnkey website programs tout how your site can be ready in ten minutes or less.Do you really think Google wants to index (and promote) thousands of pages of automatically generated content that took less than 10 minutes to create? You have no way to verify who they're from, especially when they're merely from “April A.” in Adams, Alabama. But those exceptions are typically people who would have busted their ass with opportunity that presented itself – meaning they're people who succeeded that happened to buy a turnkey affiliate website once. But as I've said time and time again, it all comes down to what you put into it. Follow other successful people in the affiliate marketing industry who give back to the affiliate community.They didn't succeed because of that – they succeeded because of their drive and initiative. Don't give up the desire to get into affiliate marketing – but do accept that the fact that affiliate marketing – like any other legitimate business opportunity – takes real effort to make it work for you.We spent countless hours to make it user friendly and low maintenance.After installation and logging in to the Word Press dashbaord, you will see a complete step-by-step guide on how to change everything including site password, site title, email contacts, logo, child theme, site color, and most importantly affiliate links.

But if you can’t find your business in our list please browse “General Business” category, which consist of generic designs which can be customise to fit your needs.

If it were as simple as paying 0 to buy a website that will make “instant profit” and “give you financial freedom” don't you think everyone would shell out the 0 bucks? When you look at it logically, you know it's a product that preys on desires of finding financial freedom – and a real solution to that desire.

Turnkey Websites for your business, Premade websites to start your business and turnkey web developments.

They prey on people desperate to lose weight (make money) and their laziness to workout (spend time and effort) and non-desire to eat right (work hard).

And like sensational weight loss products, if these things worked then everyone would do it.

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