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It made the month running up to surgery miserable for me and those around me.

I would never ever go on this again.""I took this drug for three months (one injection per month) following a laparoscopy to remove scars and endiometrosis.

No periods, no pain and by taking HRT no menopause symptoms either.

Have my life back ""Stopped periods as expected great news no more heavy bleeding stopped chronic pain that dropped me to my knees when standing or moving Downsides are memory loss, chronic fatigue, bone pain, loss of hair, sore breasts I'm on zoladex 3.6 once a month with HRT injection number 4 Overall I'm in less pain but still struggling with every day tasks and to carry on working as a normal healthy 36 year old woman should be able to roll on coming off this drug and having my hysterectomy""I was given an injection of this after a week long stay in hospital for extreme pain due to endometriosis.

I read about the reviews (gaining weight ,etc) and was really nervous but I just wanted to tell everyone taking this treatment to not worry about the side effects.

The only side effect I had was a heavy period at first (nothing scary) and then I had hot flashes and some night sweats but nothing unbearable.

The hot flashes, joint pain, mood swings, depression and long-term effects on my bones were NOT worth it.

I really wish doctors would stop trying to give me this as it only does harm.

During this treatment I exercised a lot, ate well and tried to stay relaxed. But then I started suffering from migraine/headaches, no sex drive, extreme bone pain, NO APPETITE - and if I try to make myself eat then I vomit, nausea, irregular sleeping patterns and signs of anxiety/depression because I've been missing days off of work!Please do not be scared of using this medication...""Brittle nails, hair loss, severe depression, memory problems, difficulty concentrating, skin rash, hot flushes, sleepless nights, short temperament, intolerence to alcohol, joint pains, nausea, fatigue, ibs, low libido, painful sex... I'm due for my 4th injection in two days and the whole treatment plan I am on is for 6 months.This drug compromised my mental wellbeing for a few months pain relief, it cost me my relationship and almost my job, not worth it at all!! I have never felt this sick in my whole life :( is there a light at the end of the tunnel? ""My experience was horrible side effects it didn't help my pain much and certainly didn't shrink my endometriosis.The only side effects and illness he suffers is from zoladex.It probably has contributed to saving his life but it has changed that life forever.

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