Who is dating idris elba

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One approach, at least the one to understanding how Elba came to be one of Hollywood's most compelling leading men, begins with his father, Winston. Whereas many of his friends ended up on the dole or dealing drugs, Elba, an only child, devoted his energy to music.

Between bites of steak, flame-licked to well-done, he tells me about some advice Winston once gave him. As a little kid, he'd turn cereal boxes into make-believe turntables.

Winston, who worked at a Ford plant, ponied up the money for the tuition not covered by a grant.

Though music was Elba's first creative passion, his drama classes captivated him more.

" The rumor that Elba is in line to play James Bond has endured for years.

In 2014, in one of the thousands of emails made public when Sony Pictures was hacked, then-studio cochair Amy Pascal told a colleague, "Idris should be the next Bond." Steven Spielberg said in an interview that Elba would be his "first choice" to fill Daniel Craig's tux.

He is dressed in black, from his loafers to the oversized beanie cocked atop his head, and from the looks of it—eyes lowered, hands in pockets—he is doing his best to go unnoticed. As he heads for a nearby restaurant called Electric House, the market comes to a halt. Okay, so maybe the market doesn't come to a If this were a market in Topeka—or, heaven help him, Baltimore—the forty-four-year-old Elba would most likely be recognized as Stringer Bell, the Machiavellian heroin dealer he played on the HBO series the BBC series on which he plays a gifted detective with a disastrous personal life.

Today, however, he's called out for a role he's never had and may never play: Just as Elba ducks into the restaurant, an enthusiastic fan cups his hands around his mouth and shouts, "Idris, you gonna be 007?

For the same reason each one of his hypermasculine characters is so memorable: The guy has an invaluable Something Else, a swagger and self-confidence that he brings to every scene even before he utters a line.

Almost immediately, Elba is the one doing the interviewing.

"I think my life is pretty well documented," he tells me.

Hany Abu-Assad, who directed Elba and Kate Winslet in like they have gravitas... Plus, he can act." It was, he says, an easy decision: "If Idris Elba says he wants to play a part, that's pretty much the end of your casting search." "There are certain things an actor can't fake," says Aaron Sorkin.

"They can't act smart, they can't act being funny, they can't act like they have gravitas... Plus, he can act." Electric House has an ambience that might be described as mod-Dickensian.

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